Jørgen Rasmussen

In 1958, Jørgen Rasmussen and his brother began working for Kevi A/S. The twins designed a villa for Kevi's CEO, Bent Harlang. The chemistry between them was good and they were asked to design chairs for the company. Primarily Jørgen took on this assignment and designed Kevi, which by the 1960s had become a multi-purpose work chair for both the office and home.

In 1965, Rasmussen invented the double-wheel caster for which he was awarded the ID Prize. This truly was a reinvention of the wheel, now with two wheels positioned asymmetrically and rotating independently. The double-wheel caster made KEVI more manoeuvrable with less wear on floor surfaces.

The KEVI casters revolutionised the office landscape and improved working conditions for many people, and the wheels became an instant success, and are now used on furniture across the world. Today, Rasmussen is still active and he is just as determined and dedicated today as he was 50 years ago.

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