Wilde + Spieth

The story of Wilde + Spieth dates back to 1831 and since the very beginning the focus has been on long-lasting quality. That is how the collaboration with famous German architect Egon Eiermann came to be in the late 1940s when he collaborated closely with Wilde + Spieth to create a line of furniture items using steel and plywood that is still in production today.

Quality in not taken for granted because quality is the sum of several equally important steps. To them, a chair is not just a chair, for instance, but an object that must adhere to human-scale values such as ergonomic requirements, tactile surfaces, natural materials and items that must keep an aligned balance between function and aesthetics. This is what makes quality design last a lifetime and can pass through generations - all this is what makes a true classic. Spare parts ensure that the design classics can be repaired and do not have to be thrown out. The wood that Wilde + Spieth use all originates from Germany and is processed at just outside the German town Brakel. For every tree used, a new tree is planted.

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