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CMA — Japanese Teapot
1616 Arita by Cecilie Manz

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The CMA collection from Cecilie Manz and 1616/arita is the result of three years work, close dialogue, hundreds of hand-drawn sketches, 3D files, 2D drawings, mock-ups, 3D prints and countless porcelain prototypes.

The product range is intended for both the Japanese and the European kitchen and includes assorted, stackable plates, dishes and bowls. The design is part severe, part soft, featuring flat, deep, low and tall pieces to create a complete collection. Arita is famous for its high-quality porcelain clay, with a remarkably pure whiteness. For this collection, two porcelain clays are used, the classic chalk-white porcelain and a raw, natural gray. The set is part glazed, part unglazed.

  • Cecilie Manz, Denmark c2020
  • Made in Japan
  • Handmade Ceramic 
  • Diameter 135mm / 5.3"
  • Height 79.5mm / 3.13" 
  • Volume 650ml

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