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Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-01 White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-142 Amber-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-01 White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-01 White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-01 White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-01 White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-02 Fjord-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-04 Anthracite-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-05 Black-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-09 Nordic-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-35 Coffee-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-36 Coal-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-38 Snow-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-101 New White-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-135 Monarch-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-136 Pine-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-137 Mushroom-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-138 Juniper-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-139 Oregano-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-140 Pomelo-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-141 Truffle-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-143 Caribe-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-144 Fennel-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-145 Rosehip-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-146 Hazelnut-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-147 Shadow-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-148 Flint-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-149 Turmeric-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-150 Vanilla-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-151 Rhubard-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-152 Parsley-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-154 Azure-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-155 Masala-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-156 Oyster-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-157 Cumin-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-158 Oat-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-159 Camomile-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-160 Balsamic-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-161 Mist-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-162 Hokkaido-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-163 Black Jade-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-164 Iris-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG Loom Bookcase-Peter Lassen-Montana-165 Beetroot-3cm Plinth-AAVVGG

Loom Bookcase , Peter Lassen , Montana

Explore the Montana colour and customization options at the bottom of this page.

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Montana Furniture offers a 5 year manufacturers warrenty on chairs/seating and a 10 year warrenty on all other products against manufacturing defects concering the materials and construction. Normal wear on fabrics and materials or accidental damage by the user are not convered.

Loom is a slim bookshelf that provides you with a range of different options to store books and other items in the living room or home office.

Loom has many different storage rooms of various sizes that provide a perfect solution for displaying items in a sophisticated way. LOOM's slim design makes it possible to fit both smaller and larger rooms and additional units can be placed side by side to create larger systems.

  • Peter J. Lassen (Denmark c.1982)
  • 12mm lacquered MDF
  • Made in Denmark
  • Width 46.8cm / 18.4"
  • Height 208.8cm / 82.2" (plus plinth height)
  • Depth 30cm / 11.8" 
  • Notes Shown with 7cm Plinth. Bookcase consists of the plinth and 3 stacked units on top of each other. No assembly required. wall mounts for upper 2 units included. 

Montana System

Paint & Veneers

By Margrethe Odgaard

Colours are never static, never boring, never quite the same.

They interact with sunlight, with other colours in their surroundings and the items you add to them. The Montana colour palette features 30 poetic and complex colours, developed in collaboration with colour expert Margrethe Odgaard, to have both a visual and sensory appeal, all intertwined in a close-knit family that will match no matter how you choose to combine them.

Throughout history humans have gone to great lengths to add colour to objects, clothes and works of art – subtracting colour pigments from minerals, bugs, cobber and even arsenic, lead and radium to get the colour just right. Luckily, today the process of creating new colours is less comprehensive and de nitely less poisonous. While not using actual pigments from nature, many of our 30 new colours take their inspiration from nature and the world around us; spices, plants and herbs.

The Montana colour palette spans cold to warm colours, and light to dark colours to encompass all moods and ambiences. Each colour has its own texture and surface.

  • After finishing, all edges and surfaces are primed four times with a UV-hardened lacquer, then polished. Montana's surface coating is water-based, highly durable lacquer that is formaldehyde-free and does not contain any fumes or harmful substances. 
  • To clean, use a clean, dry cloth or a cloth wrung out in soapy water and wipe dry immediately. 


Many pieces from the Montana System are available in select positions; wall mounted, with legs, with plinth and with castors (wheels). These positions essentially dictate how the system will be mounted or sit in your environment.

It's possibleo order different position elements at a later date to change how you use your Montana System. 

Wall Mounted 

The wall mounted units include a suspension rail to mount the system to the wall. The rail consists of one piece attached to the unit and one attached to the wall. It also includes adjustable knobs so that the system can be adjusted horizontally if required as well as spacers which control the distance between the system and the wall. The system hangs 8mm from the wall, to allow for space for cabling.  


Legs are available in matte-chrome zinc, brass, lacquered in Montana colourway Snow and Black. The legs themselves are 12.6cm high and are adjustable up to 20mm. The legs have a load capacity of 50kg.


Plinths are available in 3 and 7cm heights. The plinths are painted MDF in the same colour and finish as the unit they're selected with. Each plinth has 4 internal adjustable feet so they can be levelled on the floor before the shelving system is placed ontop. Plinths include a pre-drilled hole on the inside so they can be connected horizontally if constructing a large system that required sideways stabilization.

The plinths are shallower than the unit so that you can position the unit further forward (to give more of a floating effect) or flush to the front (to allow for space behind for the baseboard or to run cables). 

  • Unit Depth / Plinth Depth
  • 20cm / 18cm
  • 30cm / 28cm
  • 38cm / 34cm
  • 46.8cm / 44cm
  • 60cm / 56cm


The castors are available in black/black and grey/black plastic and can take a load up to a maximum of 75kg. Each castor includes brakes.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Montana Furniture is a family-owned company based in Denmark and established in 1982. The company is centred around sustainability, design flexibility and quality making it a leader within storage and furniture for private homes and contemporary office spaces.

Each of the Montana products are produced in Denmark at the companies own factory using exclusively water-based lacquer colours, which neither smell nor contain solvents. Montana recently became one of the first furniture manufacturers in Europe to receive the EU Ecolabel for their production and product lifespan meaning, among other things, that the wood is sourced from sustainable sources, not produced using toxic materials and has a 10 year guarantee from defect. The EU Ecolabel includes the entire Montana System, the CO16 and the Montana Free Shelving System.

Every eight years, Montana develops a new colour palette. The furniture company’s latest, expansive palette, released in 2019, has come into being in collaboration with expert and colour-alchemist, Margrethe Odgaaard. The new scheme - which includes 42 stock colours - explores how the colours relate to one another, to our bodies, to other materials, and to their spatial surroundings.

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