Roller Cabinet — Oregon Pine
A Petersen by Knud Holscher

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

In the kitchen of Knud Holscher’s home, there are three rather unusual kitchen cabinets. They do not resemble anything you would see in other kitchens, and they strike a remarkable figure. The upright boxes on wheels are reminiscent of a vertical version of old travel trunks that are now – in the kitchen – used for a completely different purpose: holding herbs and spices, pots, plates, bowls and glasses.

When Knud Holscher designed the cabinet, its main intended function was as a room divider and storage space in offices. The cabinet was put into small-scale production and used as a wardrobe in the executive offices of a large Danish company. In Knud Holscher and his wife, Henny’s, home, the cabinets were moved into the kitchen, seen here in the material Alucobond with a laminated aluminium shell.

Back in 2016, the form concept of the cabinets was taken up again: the Roller Cabinet can be fitted with a hanger bar and/or shelves and is thus suited for many different purposes. The cabinet offers a flexible storage space, where kitchen utensils, coffee cups or shirts can be put away and brought out, as needed. In the newer acrylic version, the cabinet is intended to be used for books, as shop décor, for ceramics, as a drinks cabinet and whatever else one might want to display.

‘It’s funny to think that the cabinets caused such a stir with the older generation in the businesses that had them installed, just because their shape was a little different. We also used them in our own drawing studio,’ says Knud Holscher, who continues: ‘But even though they were intended for office use, Henny and I have used the cabinets in the kitchen all these years, and we think they work really well for storing kitchen utensils and spices, so I think it’s great that others can now enjoy the cabinet in their own home.’

The Roller Cabinet in Oregon pine is produced by A. Petersen in the cabinetmaking workshop on Kløvermarksvej. The acrylic version starts at Plastsnedkeriet in Silkeborg, which specializes in this type of production, and is then assembled in the workshop on Kløvermarksvej.

  • Knud Holscher, Denmark
  • Oiled Oregon Pine Veneer, Steel
  • Made in Denmark
  • Length 70cm / 27.5"
  • Width 70cm / 27.5"
  • Height 156cm / 61.4"

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