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Soil to Form Charcoal Diffuser

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From Soil to Form is a natural room diffuser containing nine spheres made from soil and air-enriching charcoal. Encased in a pinewood box, the spheres softly diffuse the applied oil's fragrance while helping to purify the air and balance the room's humidity.

From Soil to Form Charcoal comes on its own. We encourage a 10ml St. Pauls or 1917 Essential Oil Dropper. May be used indefinitely to disperse scents, providing years of practical use and enjoyment

  • Created in collaboration with the Seoul-based creative studio Be My Guest as a special edition containing spheres made out of soil and air-enriching charcoal
  • Handcrafted with natural and fully biodegradable materials
  • Made in Italy
  • Carefully open the wooden box and evenly apply a maximum of five drops to the spheres to release the fragrance. To preserve the product’s quality and enclose the scent within the soil, we suggest closing the wooden lid after each use.

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