Firewood Holder

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

The Firewood Holder is an artful object for storage. Made entirely from aluminum, the largest compartment allows you to store and stack firewood in preparation for your next soak.

Designed to sit cleanly at either end of your Wood Burning Hot Tub, position the Firewood Holder near the stove to keep firewood within arm’s reach, or use it at the other end as a makeshift seat.

A compartment at the top of the Firewood Holder allows for additional storage of small items — your favorite book, kindling for the fire, or the soft fabric cover of the hot tub. Small hooks on the side are well-suited for hanging up a towel, sweatshirt, or the Goodland Ash Scoop in between uses.

  • Made in Canada
  • Aluminum
  • Depth 36.5" 
  • Height 29"
  • Width 17"

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